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Robusta Coffee - What We Need to Know

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Robusta Coffee - What We Need to Know

Have you ever wondered what is the first thing you usually do as soon as you open your eyes? Well, maybe the first thing is to check the time if you haven't set your alarm in advance. But right after that, you would probably head to the kitchen to make a cup of fragrant coffee.

However, have you been sufficiently informed about which variety of coffee to focus on, because not only the coffee brands, but also the varieties are many.

We can't introduce you to all the varieties of coffee, but we will pay attention to the variety Robusta, from which the so popular Italian coffee is usually made.

Globally, the most famous coffees are Arabica and Robusta, the first occupies between 60 and 70% of coffee production. Almost all other percentages belong to the Robusta variety. It is much cheaper than Arabica, because it is easier to grow than it, but this is probably not the reason why it is preferred by many. Unlike Arabica, roasted Robusta beans contain twice as much caffeine in their composition. It tastes a lot stronger, but if you want to wake up faster, then "bet" on it.

Robusta Coffee originates from West and Central Africa and is also known as Canephora. Its price is almost twice as low as Arabic coffee, but as we said above, this is by no means due to its low quality. Robusta is a much more disease-resistant variety, especially in the 19th century, when huge Arabica plantations were destroyed by a specific variety of fungus that failed to harm Robusta in the least.

Robusta's taste is rich, strong and sharp. It is black in color and is especially suitable for the preparation of various mixtures in order to soften its taste. It is also used to make most types of instant coffee.

Robusta Coffee

However, if you want to wake up faster and if you do not mind the bitter taste of coffee, it is ideal for you. We know that caffeine not only boosts energy, but also stimulates our metabolism - ie. and for our perfect vision. Robusta is also much richer in antioxidant coffee than Arabica. Do not underestimate it at all and if it is too strong for you, you can always add milk or cream.

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