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The Harms of Regular Overeating

Nadia Galinova
Translated by
Nadia Galinova

Overeating is a disease that affects not only physical health, but causes a lot of stress on a mental and emotional level. Some people tend to eat simply, because they feel bored, or because they have nothing to do! Others acquire this unwanted habit to improve their physical appearance.

Emotional mood swings such as anger, sadness, suffering, frustration or betrayal make people eat much more than they realize. In some other cases, drugs to treat a disease cause hunger, so some people start eating a lot and often.

Overeating causes a lot of damage to different parts of the body. Some of the negative effects of overeating are the following:

• Weight gain and obesity: This is one of the first symptoms that you are eating a lot more than your body needs. Being overweight puts a lot of stress on your muscles as they have to carry the weight of your body. You tend to feel tired, lazy, irritable and have muscle and joint pain.

Fast Food Overeating

• People who have suddenly gained weight tend to lose confidence in their appearance and begin to worry too much about their social image. This causes them to lose proper self-esteem and self-confidence. They try to deprive themselves of the foods they love and in turn, increase the need to eat more.

Overeating causes emotional stress, as excessive attachment to food prevents emotional satisfaction after each meal.

• Due to electrolyte imbalance and other metabolic disorders, you feel lonely, restless, bored and frustrated.

Overeating affects your relationships with friends, family, relatives and the social community. This is because the love for food replaces all other priorities.

• If you start eating a lot of high-calorie foods, the high fat content in them leads to other health problems, diseases and causes serious damage to the digestive system. Your body becomes prone to allergic reactions, because it absorbs large amounts of fat that your system is unable to handle.

Overeating and Excessive Drinking

• You are prone to high cholesterol and high blood sugar due to excessive food intake.

• Blockage or damage to certain organs is another health risk caused by overeating. The kidneys, liver, stomach and other organs involved in digestion and assimilation of food can become highly predisposed to disorders.

• Fat levels in the body are affected and elevated, which can lead to skin problems such as acne.

• The level of acidity in the body increases and causes a serious conditions.

• People who overeat tend to develop bad breath and body odor.

• Some nutrients can cause problems with concentration, focus and memory, if consumed regularly in large quantities.

Therefore, you need to start making healthy lifestyle changes to deal with this disease.