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Tips for Smoking Fish at Home

Nadia Galinova
Translated by
Nadia Galinova
Smoked mackerel

There are few people who love fish who do not like it smoked. At the same time, we hear from everyone that consuming smoked fish, or any kind of meat is bad for our health. This is true, but only in the case of industrial fish smoking. That is why it is good to learn to smoke it yourself, by using natural products. Here is the method of smoking fish at home:

- Smoking fish should be done outdoors. This can be in your yard or even in the space between the buildings, as long as you do not have disagreements with neighbors. The idea is to be able to make a hearth, the power of which you can control;

- To smoke fish, in addition to the fish itself, you will need a tin can with a lid (such as a cheese tin), thick wire, bran from a fruit tree of your choice and twine to tie the fish to;

- The best choice of fish for smoking is mackerel, which you can find in any fishing shop. In the same way, however, you can smoke any fish that is similar in size;

- The tin container must be perforated at the top, so that the fish can be hooked and hung upside down;

- The fish is washed thoroughly without removing the heads and tails;

- It is salted and the tails of the fish are tied with twine in order to be placed in the tin container;

Smoked fish

- At the bottom of the dish sprinkle about 1 finger of bran. The fish is hung on the upper end of the vessel, a fire is lit and the tin vessel is placed on the fire;

- The fire on which you will smoke the fish must be weak, because otherwise the bran will catch fire;

- After about 10-15 minutes you can check the fish. Make sure it has a golden color. This is the sign, by which you will know, that the fish is smoked;

- When you think the fish is ready, take it out of the tin and hang it, so that the fat can drain out;

- The fish prepared in this way can be consumed both hot and cold. You can prepare it for a salad or an appetizer or just for direct consumption;

- Keep in mind that the tin can you use to smoke the fish will not be able to be used later to smoke other meat, because it will absorb the smell of the fish.

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