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Health Benefits from Kefir

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Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Making Kefir
Image: Sevdalina Irikova

The name kefir refers to the drink obtained after fermentation of kefir grains in milk. Its popularity and renewed fame is due to new research and discoveries about its health benefits.

Kefir grains or kefir mushroom was known in ancient times and a number of diseases were treated with it. Today, this practice is gradually being revived. First of all, kefir is useful for the intestines and excretory system. This in some cases has a weight loss effect.

It all depends on the decrease and increase of fermentation time, as well as the kefir-milk ratio. Its regular intake relieves stomach problems, reduces bloating, gas, ensures a regular bowel movement and a healthy digestive system. It also reduces the appetite for harmful and unhealthy foods.

The benefits of kefir don't end there, however. Research is still being done, but the drink has been shown to treat certain types of allergies, skin conditions, acne and colitis. It is highly recommended for boosting and maintaining a healthy immune system, thanks to all the beneficial bacteria and vitamins it produces.

A healthy body has increased energy and creates a sense of health and peace. On the other hand, kefir also has the function of reducing anxiety and depression. It has a positive effect on the heart and blood and regulates blood pressure. Kefir has been proven to treat lactose intolerance.

Treatment with Tibetan mushroom excludes the consumption of alcohol. In fact, the Tibetan mushroom is also used to treat alcoholism. It can completely restore the metabolism.

Tibetan Mushroom

This way, it cures all diseases that have arisen as a result of alcohol abuse. The legend of kefir grains says that they were brought to Europe by a Polish professor cured from cirrhosis.

Kefir mushroom owes its useful properties to the yeast and beneficial bacteria it contains. Apart from them, it contains minerals and essential amino acids, which help the body to heal itself and maintain itself. The proteins in it are semi-digested, which is why they are easier to digest.

In general, kefir is easily digestible. It cleanses the intestines and supplies the body with beneficial bacteria, yeast, vitamins, minerals and proteins. Kefir is a clean, balanced and healthy food. Its intake maintains a healthy and well-functioning immune system.

Due to its many benefits, kefir is used to alleviate the condition of patients suffering from AIDS, chronic fatigue syndrome, herpes, cancer. It is also used for those suffering from severe forms of insomnia, depression, hyperactivity and lack of concentration.

Kefir maintains a balanced internal ecosystem and ensures longevity by healing and maintaining good health.