How to Clean Sea Bass?

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Fresh sea bass

One of the tastiest fish is sea bass. It is found in the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The fish has tasty meat, but it is not greasy.

To make sure the sea bass is fresh, look at the fish's eyes. They should look fresh. If the eyes are cloudy, it means that the fish is not fresh. Sea bass should be stored on dry ice.

Cleaning sea bass has its subtleties. Proper cleaning of the sea bass also guarantees its good taste. First, the fish's tail and its head are removed. If you are grilling it and have enough space, you can leave the head. This fish has a lot of scales and they are difficult to clean. You can also have a look at cleaned sea bass.

Another very important step in cleaning sea bass is removing the gills. Check that they are removed before cooking the fish. If you don't clean the gills, the fish will taste bitter after you cook it.

The sea bass requires a perfect cleaning of the entrails before you cook it. If you leave even a small part of the insides uncleaned, you again risk the fish having a bitter taste after cooking.

Before cooking sea bass it is good to salt it and leave it for a few hours. Experienced cooks advise to remove the scales before salting the fish. They play the role of a foil and do not allow the salt to fully get into the fish.

Sea bass

That way it will be moderately salty and much tastier. When you decide that it has stayed with the salt long enough, carefully and very thoroughly peel off the flakes. They are small in size and numerous, but with patience everything is achieved.

According to the Greeks, sea bass skin is very tasty. One of the tastiest and preferred ways to prepare sea bass is grilled with lemon. When fried, it also becomes very tasty with the crunchy and lovely skin.

You can also bread this fish or bake it in foil. You can also steam sea bass if you want to eat healthy.

Now that you know how to professionally clean sea bass, we recommend trying some of these wonderful sea bass recipes:

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