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What are the most effective diets

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If your wish list for the new year includes losing weight, you should know that all diets are not created equal. With the promise of quick weight loss comes faster weight regain. So, what diets really work?

Experts agree that the most effective diets are feasible over an extended period of time, but there is no single solution to this. What is believed to make an "effective" diet is that after compliance, lower weight will be maintained for a longer period of time, but your body will feel better afterwards. This does not mean that the most effective diet will be the same for everyone.

Any diet that makes you feel hungry or tired may work temporarily, but it will not last long, because you can not be in a constant war with your own body ie constantly feel deprived - cooperation with your bodies is what keeps you healthy.


For a diet to be effective, it should be relatively easy to follow, nutritious, effective for weight loss and simultaneously beneficial to your health , to help in the fight against diabetes and heart disease .

As efficient are identified diets based on the principle of separate eating. They let people feel lighter just as deprivation does, but they actually do eat, with the only difference that they do not mix the basic food groups.

The most effective diets, say experts, are those that are combined with appropriate and regular exercise. This is based on the fact that to begin to lose weight you just need to burn 500 calories more per day. It is reasonable to see that exercise is easier, so you can really save yourself unnecessary deprivation, without which you can not go if you are ony on a diet.

One can not ignore the fact that each person is very individual and different. Effective diets for one may not be as effective for others and vice versa, so look for a professional when you want to lose weight. They will accurately determine your physical condition and health, and most likely will quickly and accurately determine the most effective diet for you.