Devices for cooking with steam
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Devices for cooking with steam

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Device for cooking with steam

The healthiest way to cook food is steamed. Instruments with which we can prepare food that way recently become very popular. They have their pros and cons and to orient yourself in your choice, we'll talk about them now.

Most often, we can see instruments that are 2 or 3 floors high, with all floors being identical. That is very convenient, because you can exchange floors while cooking, and everything happens simultaneously - for example, to cook the main dish and its toppings at the same time.

There is a possibility the unit that you buy will have different size containers that are arranged in a certain order. The majority of these devices have indications, in order not to confuse the levels.

Cooking with steam

In the first type of steam devices, inconvenience comes when you need to store the unit - as ones with identical trays are hard to find a place to store for. In the second model, however, this is not the case - you can put one tray in the other and store them considerably more compactly.

Most common on the market are those that have holes in them - they are made to let the steam penetrate. The problem is that the holes are easily blocked by various foods and it makes cleaning a little more difficult.

To avoid this problem, you can get a device whose trays have holes and grooves. You can also select the material from which the baskets are made - transparent or opaque. Do not be fooled into thinking that you will see what happens if you get transparent ones – we are still talking about steaming, and it will dim all the trays.

The next choice is the brand - it all depends on how much you have committed to such a device. When choosing, look carefully and ask all questions that interest you about the device and method of cooking, because steaming has its subtleties.