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How to lose the bulging belly

Taut Belly

If you have a belly, it is better to lose it, not only to look slimmer, but also to prevent a number of diseases. People with a belly are at risk of heart disease, hypertension, stroke, and diabetes.

Many people think that if they grab their abdomen and find that they are holding two centimeters of fat, they need to reduce the sweets and pastries. The fat that you can grab with your fingers, is harmless. Much more serious problems arise because of the fat that is deposited around the vital organs such as the intestine and liver.

If you suffer from violations of the metabolism or other illness, be careful with low fat diets.

If you increase the calories that give the body saturated fats - butter, cream, eggs - with calories from carbohydrates, you can increase your blood sugar.

Squat every day - the more often, the better. This will not only tighten the muscles of your buttocks and thighs, but also the muscles of your abdomen. To remove fat around the internal organs, you need further strengthening of all your muscles.

Running, swimming and cycling are good for removing belly because besides melting fat, they enhance your oxygen exchange.

Fat Belly

Crunches do not always melt bellies. Regular crunches, when the supine lifts your upper body and your fingers try to touch your toes, strengthen abdominal muscles. But to remove the rounded belly, you can do crunches with left and right turns.

Replace tempting biscuits and scones with dried fruit and granola. Eat more yogurt, vegetables and fruits, as well as chicken, turkey and fish.

Alcohol affects your decision to reduce your waist size a lot, so you must first reduce that intake.

Do not look for excuses such as "at this age-everyone has a belly."

Hula hoop significantly reduces your waist circumference. It helps improve skin tone, which, if your belly drops sharply, can sag and develop ugly wrinkles.

The best way to workout for the abdominal prolapse is 40 crunches, rest ten minutes, during which you do the hula hoop, and then repeat twice.

When you want to slim abdomen, it is important to drink plenty of water.