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Garnish for kids’ sandwiches

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Kids Sandwiches

When preparing sandwiches for kids, whether for a birthday or for no other reason except their taste, their appearance is very important.

Children would love to eat a sandwich, decorated in the form of animals, men, faces or aliens. Older children will love sandwiches with their favorite characters from the movies - Spiderman, or monsters, and for girls - beautiful fairies.

For children's sandwiches are best suited toasted hamburger buns or bread covered with salami, cheese, butter, leaf lettuce, and any additional products that are used for decoration.

You can prepare sandwiches that look like interesting monkeys. On toasted bread, spread a layer of oil, cover with soft cheese and shape the oval head and body from the sausage, put two semicircles for ears.

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Cut strips of salami for the hands, feet and tail. Fragments olives and peas can be used to shape the eyes, a strip for the nose and a piece of tomato or red pepper for the mouth.

Sandwich lions can be made by using two kinds of cheese on toast with a different color - darker or lighter. From one color cut the heart-shaped mane and the other color – a small circle of semi circles can make the belly, arms and legs.

For the body, use a soft round salami, smaller circles for the nose and ears. For its nasal tip, put black olive eyes, or peas, a fennel mustache and mouth of tomato, pepper and carrot. The tail is made from strips of salami.

A nice sandwich with bunny can be done using a large and small circle, a sausage head and body. The bottom of the sausage-body is covered with two oval pieces that look like legs and put in their middle some small oval bits of cheese.

From salami, cut ears and paws for the bunny. To create a muzzle, use two small slices cheese, a piece of black olive for a nose and peas or olives for eyes and dill for the moustaches.

For a sandwich Ladybug you need a piece of cheese on toast. Cover it with a soft round sausage, which is cut thin triangle like a ladybug with open wings.

Olives are used to make dots and half an olive shapes the head. For antennae, stick two pieces of parsley.