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Gluttony - one of the Seven Deadly Sins

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Gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins in the Christian religion. It is able to lead one to a brutish condition and therefore Christianity denies it - it is a form of the larger flaw - Sensuality.

In modern times, we ignore gluttony so much that it becomes obesity, which is usually caused precisely by the fact that we can not stop ourselves.

Italian psychologists argue that there are several phases of gluttony. The first phase begins innocently, usually under the influence of some external factor. Very often, these are ads or a neighbor who made something or delighted you with the new ice cream that you bought.

Without know it, we're in the store and within minutes start eating the new food, without stopping, until it is finished. In the second phase, we are sitting at a table, which is loaded with everything you can find at home.

After some time spent at the table in the destruction of food supplies, we have the feeling that we have eaten. But an insidious little voice whispers to us: "Eat, the boring diet will start from tomorrow! Look what goodies are still around! "Then we delay our diet for the umpteenth time.

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The third phase is the worst. It has psychological consequences. Sitting in front of us, there is no food, but we feel pressure, difficulty breathing, vomiting, and we feel terrible if we sinned much.

After this phase follows animosity that arises from the feeling that we are powerless to stop when we go to the fridge for the fifteenth time. Not to mention that we feel remorse if we can not help ourselves, but eat at night.

To not submit to this storm of emotions, we should try to live our life and each day fully, and think about other things than food.

Today - not tomorrow! – You need to impose a ban, when you want something sweet after devouring three desserts.

You should turn off the TV when seeing an advertisement for delicious goodies which we can not resist. And most importantly - put an objective you can achieve in real terms – like losing one kilogram this month and being able to keep it off.