Sheep Milk

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Sheep Milk and Cheese

Milk is a fluid food biological that is formed and stored in the mammary glands of mammals. That milk is the only product that nature has created to feed the younger generation. Sheep, cow and goat milk are the most common. Let us consider in more detail the properties and qualities of sheep milk.

The unique properties of sheep's milk are well known since ancient times.

It has a gentle shade and very unique taste. Sheep's milk is loved by many cuisines, but the title of most popular still belongs to cow's milk.

Sheep milk is very popular in Greece, Italy, Central Asia and the Middle East.

Composition of sheep milk

Chemically, sheep milk is well beyond cow milk. Sheep's milk has much larger quantities fats, calcium, protein, cobalt and phosphorus. The vitamin B-complex is also more evident. Sheep's milk is extremely rich in exchangeable and essential fatty acids. It ius very well absorbed by the body.

Sheep milk contains large amounts of vitamin A and vitamin D. Their taste and smell are determined largely contained capric and capric acid in its fat. A white color in sheep's milk due to the lower contents of the pigment carotene.

100 g sheep's milk contains 95 calories, 5.4 g protein, 6 g fat, 5 g carbohydrates.

Sheep Milk

Selecting and storing sheep's milk

Buy sheep milk, which is stored in a fridge. Look at the label on which there should be information about the manufacturer and expiration dates. Store sheep milk in the fridge, but not in the door shelves, because opening them can often cause a more rapid deterioration of the product.

Sheep milk in cooking

The taste of sheep milk is significantly closer to that of the cow. Sheep milk can be used in absolutely any recipes that need goat and cow milk. From sheep's milk, they make a, png of the most delicious cheeses and yogurts. It is important to note that the cheese from sheep milk is preferred even by people who are not generally fans of this product.

Sheep milk is used for a traditional puree recipe. Strained sheep milk is combined with various fruits, honey and nuts and turns into a wonderful dessert.

Benefits of sheep milk

The high content of calcium and zinc make it extremely beneficial to your health. Taking high amounts of calcium is mandatory after each severe and disabling disease. Zinc is essential for healthy skin. The ratio of calcium and phosphorus in this milk is almost perfect, which makes it very easy to ingest.

Sheep milk is a valuable tool in the fight against osteoporosis, because it also contains very high amounts of vitamin D. If you suffer from lactose intolerance, it is best to stick to sheep milk because it’s lactose is not as dangerous as in goat and cow milk. Sheep milk improves your digestive tract.

The healing properties of sheep milk are largely associated with the easily digestible portions of minerals and vitamins that it contains. This makes it a really invaluable therapeutic product that is often prescribed to prevent calcium deficiency, folic acid and B12 vitamin.

Sheep milk has a beneficial effect in patients with asthma and those suffering from severe skin diseases. It is the perfect tool to clean up the blood.

The results of a study conducted in Florence suggest that regular consumption of sheep’s cheese helps the body neutralize the occurrence of heart disease.

It is also said that sheep’s milk is extremely rich in linoleic acid, which helps the occurrence of positive changes in terms of mediators of inflammation and the formation of atherosclerotic plaques in the walls of blood vessels.


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