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Products that contribute to bad body odor

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We offer you a list of 10 products to avoid before important meetings or just in situations where you want to be without worrying if you smell nice.

1. Foods with a strong odor. Vegetables and spices with specific strong flavors produce sulfur when chewing, which is absorbed by the blood and is then processed by the lungs and excreted through the pores of the skin. This is the typical cause of bad breath is not only the mouth but also the body. Well-known examples of foods that effect are garlic, onions and curry.

2. Red meat. Red meats require prolonged chewing. They remain crushed into small pieces, which are toxic and produce a foul smelling gas, which is the reason for the strong smell of sweat. According to a 2006 study of women, they are subconsciously more attracted to men who do not eat meat, because they have better body odor.

3. Alcohol and caffeine. Though the intake of caffeinated and alcoholic products such as coffee, tea, chocolate, sodas, beer and more has become routine, reducing their intake is a good idea for you and others.

4. Processed and unhealthy foods. They are those that have too much sugar or salt, white flour, hydrogenated oils, and other products that are harmful to the body. They have a tendency to rot in the stomach, causing halitosis and body odor.

5. Low-carbohydrate diet. Reducing your carbohydrate intake leads to increased intake of protein foods. On one hand, this helps to accelerate the burning of fat. On the other hand, proteins release substances called ketones into the blood, which also affect the smell of your body.

6. Dairy products. They are also rich in proteins (protein) the degradation of which in the stomach increased hydrogen sulphate. The result is a bad smell.


7. Foods rich in choline. Foods containing choline have a specific and strong smell, comparable to that of fish. The bad thing is that sweat also gets a similar "flavor". People who do not chew the food well, have a very bad smell. Products containing choline are eggs, liver, fish and some legumes.

8. Fried and fatty foods. Eating lots of fried and fatty foods in the long run leads to indigestion, which is also the cause of body odor.

9. Tobacco. Tobacco smoke mixes with other elements, besides the mouth "comming" through your sweat glands, which leads to a typical type of smell. Quitting for a long period of time can get rid of that smell.

10. Foods containing trimethylamine. Some people have a genetic disease called trimethylaminoria. This is a condition in which your body can not break down certain amino acids. This also leads to a smell, comparable only with the stench of rotting fish. Many products contain amino trimethylamine. These include shellfish, fish oil, eggs, livers, kidneys, cow's milk, wheat foods, peas, beans, soya beans and soya products, peanuts, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower.