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Surprising applications of beer

Nina NordNina Nord
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Beer refreshes and relaxes, promotes communication and cools the sting caused by spicy food. It is the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage in the world and the third most consumed beverages in general.

Beer is the oldest alcoholic beverage and owners of pubs that diluted their beer were provided with the death penalty.

Besides the main use of beer - drinking - it is also one of the most overlooked components of many "do it yourself" solutions to common household problems. Here are five alternative ways to find a good use of beer.

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Give your hair life

Your hair is lifeless and it inhibits you? Drink a beer and it will no longer worry you, or better yet - rinse your hair with beer to restore its shine and volume.

The vitamin B and natural sugars contained in beer add volume and shine, while acting as a lotion to increase the elasticity, flexibility and resilience of your hair.

Fill a glass with beer and wait for it to warm up and lose its sparkle. Wash your hair with shampoo and rinse as usual. Pour the warm beer on your hair, pat and rinse it with lukewarm water.

Say goodbye to slugs and snails

You can’t kill any of the creatures in the garden? Frankly, slugs and snails cause too much damage to the foliage. Beer can be a better option than using chemicals.

Bury clean dish in the area where the pests are noticed, so the upper part is a centimeter above the ground and pour beer inside it. It will lure slugs and snails, which will fall in and drown. Indeed, not a pretty sight, but the same is true for holes in your spinach.

Beat stubborn stains

To remove stains from coffee or tea on the carpet may seem as easy as to squeeze water from a stone, but in this case, beer can do wonders. First test a patch, which is not immediately evident and let it dry. If everything looks OK, it's time to grab a spot. Soak it with beer, then repeat the process.

Brighten your pots

In the past, the remnants of beer in kegs were collected and used for polishing the copper vats in the breweries. Since beer has a light acidity, it enhances the shine of the metal without making it dirty - unlike other liquids with a high acidity. Initially, test on an inconspicuous area - soak a soft cloth and polish the dish with beer.

Lure butterflies

Although it is believed that butterflies do not eat anything less than magical nectar, ambrosia and sometimes candy, the truth is that many butterflies feed on rotting fruit, tree sap, dung, carrion, urine and other unpleasant sources of nutrients.

You can let your fruit trees rot on the ground, not clean up after your pet, or leave a piece of raw meat or fish in a safe place in your garden. Cool, huh? Or you can use beer to prepare this great lure for butterflies.

½ kg sugar
1-2 cans of spoiled beer
3 mashed and peeled bananas
1 cup sugar
1 cup fruit juice
1 shot of rum

Mix all the ingredients well and rub it into trees, fences, rocks and stumps in your garden, or soak a sponge in the mixture and suspend from a tree branch.