How to store nuts

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keeping nuts

1. First we have to take into account that the keeping nuts with some other odors, they will "take" in part of the smell. If you want to keep them well, be sure to take them to a place where they can not take in different smells.

2. If you store nuts, consider the fact that they contain much fat and can easily become rancid, especially if they are exposed to high temperatures.

3. Buy nuts only from companies that are familiar to you and use a special technology for placing them into packets. To make sure this procedure is followed, you can trust the already checked mark.

4. What matters is what package they were in - best sold in opaque envelopes.

5. If you decide to buy nuts per pound, see what color they are before you take some- you should see a nice golden color. In fact, if they are not perfect, you can not help but notice.

6. Home nuts must be kept in a cool place, as demonstrated above, where there are no strong odors.

nut mix

7. Regardless of how long you will store the nuts for, note that once their original package is open, they gradually begin to lose their flavor and nutritious ingredients.

8. To keep them at home for longer, store them in tightly closed and opaque boxes or jars.

9. You can put nuts in containers made of glass, clay or metal – it is important to close these very tightly, to prevent air entering.

10. It is recommended that if you want to keep them for a long period of time, you store them in the freezer – they can stay there for about eight months.

11. If, despite all the measures that you have taken, the nuts develop mold - just throw them away.

12. It is best to buy nuts just before use or consumption. During storing, they inevitably lose some of their beneficial ingredients.