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Burgers ruin your liver

Jana G.Jana G.
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Eating burger

One month of surviving on fast food can be destructive to the liver, according to a study by Swedish physicians.

The experts monitored 12 men and 6 women for about 30 years. All were not overweight, and in good health. They had to eat in fast food restaurant chains twice a day for four weeks and reduce their physical activity.

During the experiment, one participant was released due to feeling ill. It turned out that his level of ALAT (alanine aminotransferase enzyme in the quantity diagnosed in some liver diseases, such as hepatitis C or cirrhosis), when it was 10 times above normal.

In 11 of the 18 participants, even in those who do not drink alcohol, their ALAT levels reach values suggestive of liver disease.

Interestingly, however, besides these risks, such a diet can have positive effects. The course of the study demonstrated that eating hamburgers, fries and soft drinks increases the level of good cholesterol in your system.