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How to know when the fish is still edible

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On the surface, quality fresh fish has a very thin layer of mucus. But if the mucus is abundant, or the layer is thick, it means that the fish may be too old.

The flakes the fish are brilliant, if it is fresh. The flakes of fresh fish are tightly glued to its body, with no tears. Fresh fish’s eyes are clear and prominent. If they are murky, it is a sign of a diseased fish.

The gills of fresh fish are saturated with color. If it is gray, do not buy the fish. The best fish is kept on crushed ice.

Is it fresh, you will know it by pushing it with your finger. If you get a finger hole, which does not renew, it means that the fish is not fresh.

Fresh fish has a characteristic aroma of the sea or river, without the smell of sour or rotting. The belly of the fish should not be rounded, if it is fresh.

fresh Sea Bass

Fresh fish is with fins and tails, which are not dry, not folded, or stuck together.

The scales of old fish are difficult to clean. To keep fresh fish fresh longer in the refrigerator, place it between two ceramic plates.

The meat of quality fresh fish is very thick, very elastic and difficult to debone. Quality frozen fish has pale gills and slightly sunken eyes. This is the only difference between fresh frozen and fresh fish.

Do not buy frozen fish in damaged packaging. If the fish has a lot of ice, it means that it has been thawed and re-frozen.

If you notice spots on the body of frozen fish, it means that a long time elapsed before it was frozen. Yellow and gray color on frozen fish is a bad sign.

Frozen fish should not be kept in the freezer for more than three months if you want to extract the maximum amount of nutrients from it.