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What not to do while eating

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Harmful eating habits

Sometimes, to save time, we snack in front of the computer and then go back to work - this is the wrong approach. Nutrition is a process that requires due attention. If we eat properly, we will be healthier and feel energized enough for the challenges and obstacles of the day. To feel good and be healthy, you must not do the following before, during and after eating :

1. Do not eat in front of the computer - this is harmful. Being distracted by what is happening on the screen, you forget to stop and often get carried away with the food. Recent evidence shows that even a computer mouse contains more bacteria than the sponge with which you wash the dishes.

2. Do not eat while watching TV - learn that nutrition is an important process and all distractions must be eliminated.

3. Do not snack on the work desk or other strange places at home, except the table. You should not create such habits for yourself and your family. Every other place has more bacteria than the table. For example, the desk has on average 100 times more bacteria than the dining table. It's nice to take a walk after a meal - if you can, leave the office, take a walk, do not sit sitting at the computer immediately after food. Even a few meters will be useful for you.

4. Do not eat while standing or lying. You should not be upright or lying when you eat – the correct posture is being seated comfortably and upright.

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5. Do not eat very hot or cold food - both extremes are very harmful to the stomach.

6. Get busy with work right after eating. Try not to start working just after food - either physical or mental activity is appropriate. Anyway, after eating- you are not at your most productive - all your energy is needed to process the food.

7. Do not eat a lot of different things in one meal - limit yourself because you will constrain your stomach more.

8. Do not skip meals - this is a major mistake that almost everyone makes. Then, being very hungry, you eat too fast and too much as well, which is not a good idea.