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Dairy and fruit diet

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dairy and fruit diet

The dairy diet is the type of menu that belongs to the detoxifying and it is advisable to continue it for a week. It could be used as detox day once a week or on a 3-day regimen.

Except for a thin waist, a dairy, fruit and vegetable diet has a healing effect on some diseases. For example, atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes mellitus with obesity, nephritis, liver and biliary diseases, gout and others.

If you decide to apply it in its purest form - only dairy, fruits and vegetables, you need to include about 250-300 g fresh fruit and vegetables by choice (but no table salt or sugar) five times daily.

Permissible is a minimum amount of vegetable oil - sunflower, corn or olive oil. The dairy products allowed are milk or yogurt (preferably home made because they are the most useful). Consume 200-250 ml at 6 times per day (total up to a liter and a half).

Yogurt is one of the most useful products supplied to the body with the necessary proteins, fats and carbohydrates that are absorbed more easily by the body, unlike milk and eggs, for example. Yogurt is basically gound in most diets for various diseases. You should know that yogurt is the foundation of modern formulas that are substitutes for breast milk.

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One of the biggest benefits of fruit and vegetables is that they stimulate peristalsis. After consumption, they cause a feeling of fullness. Remember that it is more useful to use them as nature offers them, not blend, or peal them, nor prepare as fresh juices and porridges.

Most fruits and some vegetables, such as carrots and beans, contain large amounts of fiber, which prevents cholesterol from penetrating the bowel and facilitate disposal of the body.

This way, it’s level gets lower and prevents it from sticking to blood vessel walls, which is harmful to your health. Be careful because excessive use of fiber can have negative effects, such as inhibiting the absorption of mineral salts and trace elements. In some cases this can lead to a dangerous bowel obstruction (ileus).