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Foods that cause heartburn

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Heartburn is characterized by a burning sensation in the stomach and esophagus. To avoid this unpleasant feeling, you to know what foods cause it, and avoid them. When eating large portions of foods containing acids in their chemical composition, these acids are released in large quantities that can not be processed completely in the stomach and cause an unpleasant burning feeling. Although there are many other means to address this problem, it would be helpful to know the foods that cause it. Avoiding some of them is a difficult task, but you should aim to limit their use as much as possible.

Fried foods are difficult to digest. They contain large amounts of trans fats, which can be harmful to the digestive system. These agents slow the digestive process, causing retention of acids. Fat remains longer in the digestive system and can lead to increased pressure in the stomach. Some baked foods should be avoided too. Biscuits and sweets contribute to the creation of an acidic environment in the stomach. They also contain preservatives and artificial colorants.

Although coffee acts as a laxative, the high amount of caffeine in it leads to the secretion of fluid in the stomach, which can cause heartburn. Fizzy drinks should also be avoided to reduce the risk of heartburn. These drinks increase the pressure on the stomach, which in turn causes secretion. Before going to sleep, avoid citrus juices. You can replace them with clean, not very cold water.

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Avoid chili sauces and chili peppers. Take care of your stomach by limiting the use of spices in dishes. Thai and Indian dishes contain large amounts of these herbs.

Meat is difficult to digest. Juicy steak needs a large amount of gastric juice for its processing. Replace it with chicken, turkey or fish, which require much less hydrochloric acid for digestion in the stomach. Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Higher levels of gastric acid are released in people when consuming alcohol. It also disturbs sleep. Some people believe that a glass of cold milk can provide instant relief of symptoms. A better option is to replace it with a glass of water. This is because milk induces gastric secretion.

Do not overeat! Eat to fill three quarters of the stomach. Chew food and divide it into several smaller meals throughout the day. This way, you can avoid the unpleasant symptoms of heartburn.