How to remove gases

Rosi StoyanovaRosi Stoyanova
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The presence of large amounts of intestinal gas is an unpleasant and painful phenomenon. A feeling of fullness in the stomach and bloating creates discomfort in the body. Besides being painful, gas can put you in an extremely awkward situation when you are in public. See what can be done to get rid of this really annoying problem.

1. Change your diet. Limit your sodas and coffee, fatty foods and raw vegetables. The combination of certain foods, such as bread and meat, and some bakery cakes with fruits further aggravate the situation.

2. It is not just what we eat, but how. Do not swallow air, also do not eat too fast and do not over eat. Chew food well and drink plenty of fluids during meals.

3. If you are taking antibiotics, the balance of your intestinal flora may well be temporarily upset. To restore your digestive system, eat yogurt at least once daily.

4. Drink juice against gas - these are the juice of pineapple and papaya juice. They aid digestion and reduce painful gas.

5. Herbalism - chamomile, lemon balm, thyme, angelica root or ginger, all relieve gas.

In 500 g of boiling water, put chopped stalks of thyme. Once cool, strain the mixture. Drink one cup four times daily.

2 times daily, chew about 8 coriander fruits. Swallow with water. You can make a decoction in 250 g of boiling water, put a teaspoon of coriander. Drink the potion once a day.

Boil 3-4 plantain with 2 liters of water and leave to cool. Strain and drink a cup in the morning before breakfast and at bedtime.

6. Massage your stomach with slight clockwise movements.

7. Consume three olives with every meal.

8. Hot and cold compresses – put a hot towel on the stomach for 3 minutes, then a cold cloth for about a minute. Repeat the procedure several times.

If the gases are strong and lasting, it is good to consult a gastroenterologist.