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Food to lower your blood sugar

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Proper nutrition helps to reduce blood sugar. Nutrition for diabetes can not be called poor, it simply consists of products that reduce blood sugar.

First, you need to reduce your consumption of sugar. Make a useful habit of not having sweetened beverages.

To reduce blood sugar levels, honey and candy, as well as bakery sweets - cakes, biscuits, cakes and ice cream, should also be excluded from the menu.

Dangerous for diabetics are sweet carbonated beverages, syrups, jams, nectars, melon and grapes. Products that reduce blood sugar are topinambur, beans, garlic, onions, spinach, celery, all kinds of cabbage and eggplants.


Turnips, radishes, tomatoes, cucumbers, red sweet peppers, asparagus, horseradish, pumpkin, zucchini and grapefruit also lower blood sugar.

To reduce blood sugar levels, you should adhere to certain rules. Food during the day should be divided into three main and two additional doses.

This will prevent hunger and reduce the high blood sugar that follows a meal.

You have freedom to eat vegetables, drink coffee, tea, water, tomato juice and drinks that contain sweeteners, like sugar alternatives. Do not overdo it however, because high quantities can be harmful! Reduce the amount of bread you're used to by a half.

The same goes for rice, pasta, lentils, fruits and beans. Reduce your consumption of meat, fish, milk and dairy products. If you suffer from excess weight, do your best to lose it.