Our liver does not tolerate sparkling drinks
Черният ни дроб не понася газирано
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Our liver does not tolerate sparkling drinks

Nina NordNina Nord
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The human liver weighs about a pound and is considered one of the largest organs in our body. It needs ten times more oxygen than any organ of the same muscle mass.

In one day, about 2 000 liters of blood pass through the liver and it filters it 350 times. The liver is the main purification system of our body.

It is responsible for the production of fatty acids that are necessary for the digestion of fats. The liver has the unique ability to regenerate itself after inflammation, trauma, poisoning or otherwise induced stress.

That does not mean that this important organ does not require special attention. So what does our liver? First is extended overeating.


Especially if accompanied by constant sitting behind the table. Of course, this does not mean you should not get together with friends for dinner, but try to get mobile between meals.

This will improve your circulation and digestion. The liver also does not like fried, spicy, smoked and frozen food, as well as alcohol and fizzy drinks.

It does not tolerate certain drugs, so always consult with a physician. Energy drinks are not favorites of the liver.

While doing their job, ie not letting us sleep, energy drinks contain many vitamins and minerals that are useful when used individually.

United, they turn into a mix that is unbearable for the liver, and while trying to rework them, it suffers with your whole body.