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Cornflakes is the most common cereal breakfast, which gained massive popularity in the last century. Cornflakes are made from corn and are considered the first industrial product from grain cereals for breakfast, which appears as a product in the market.

The cereal’s category is "cereals for consumption." The technology in their preparation starts from pulling the flakes off the boiled corn then dried and baked. Over time, different cereals appear - with cocoa, chocolate, honey, fruit, granola, syrups etc. Preparing a bowl Cornflakes in the morning for breakfast is easy, literally, child's play. Combined with milk, fruit juices and various gadgets, Cornflakes are a favorite not only of teenagers but also adults.

This cereal was created in America in the late 19th century, when two brothers - American Dr. John Harvey Kellogg and Will Keith Kellogg, conduct research in search of vegetarian products for their patients. Their goal was to create food that stimulates the body's healing processes.

In 1960, American Adventists established a sanatorium, where patients eat wheat cereal made by the two brothers. William Keith industrialized the product, making it the first Cornflakes factory in the world. The huge success of the first cereal triggered different types and flavors of cornflakes.

Composition of cornflakes

Pure corn flakes are very rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. The market, however, offers cheaper varieties, which add various preservatives, additives and stabilizers.

breakfast with Cornflakes

In some other versions of this cereal, you can find: maize flour, vegetable oil, maltodextrin, salt, calcium carbonate, ferrous gluconate and emulsifiers (E471).

100 g of this cereal has: 370 calories (1573.6 kj), fat - 1.5%, protein - 6.9%, carbohydrates - 82.4%, minerals, calcium - 28.5 mg/100g; iodine - 38mg/100g

To compare these parameters to 100 g of the original article has: 359 calories, 6.6 g protein, 81 g carbohydrate, 0.9 g fat

Technology for the production of cereals

The first stage of production is to boil the grains for 2 hours and 20 minutes, and then crush in a special grinder that determines the amount needed for the recipe. Then crush the grain – a very important step before baking.

The plane of the individual segments of cornflakes is given by the passage through a special roller that consists of two rollers that rotate against each other and flakes fall between them. Then, on the final pipeline, this cereal goes to the oven for baking.

Cornflakes and muesli

While baking, shake the cereal to bake evenly everywhere. On the conveyor belt, it is roasted on a vibrating conveyor belt to sift large and small grains. From here on begins a flavoring of the cereal with various sugar syrups, etc. at 230 degrees temperature.

Then these syrups are dried and Cornflakes spread with important vitamins and minerals. Usually they are inserted into the drum and a few streams are enriched with various vitamins. From there, Cornflakes are ready for packing and going. Special machines complete between 40 to 45 bags with cornflakes per minute.

Selection and storage of cereals

Cornflakes can be found in many different variations on the shelves. Sold in carton and plastic boxes with different weight and different brands. In practice, the chance to purchase indigestible cereal is minimal, but you must be required to follow the expiration date on the package. After opening cornflakes, store them in a dry place away from moisture. Otherwise, the small corn or wheat grains will be moist, tender and not so crispy.

Culinary use of cornflakes

Over time cornflakes broke out of the stereotype of being only breakfast cereal and began to be used for the preparation of all kinds of dishes - fried, grilled meats, fish, cheese, or sweets, cakes and creams. Often crushed corn flakes are used to replace flour in preparing the crust for tarts, making these sweets dietetic and healthy.

Cornflake crumbing

Different types of cereal are suitable for breakfast for adolescents and adults, unless they are very sweeteners - artificial or natural. When combined with milk or yogurt, honey, dried fruit and other seeds, cereal becomes a healthy start to the day.

Crumbed chicken nuggets with cereal

Ingredients: Chicken - 400 g bon-fillet bites, mustard - 1 tablespoon, honey - 1 tablespoon, soya sauce - 4 tablespoons, cornflakes - 1 package unsweetened, eggs – 2, crumbing.

Roll the chicken in a mixture of mustard, honey, soy sauce and let it be seasoned for about 30 minutes. Beat the eggs, crush the cornflakes. Each piece of chicken is dipped first in egg, then in bread crumbs, egg again and finally cornflakes and gently pressed. Fry in preheated oil until ready.

Biscuits with corn flakes

Ingredients: Butter - 60 g soft, sugar - 100 grams, Salt - 1 pinch, eggs - 1, Milk - 1 tbsp, essence - 1 tsp, vanilla, flour - 1 cup, baking powder - ½ tsp, raisins - 100 g, nuts - 100 g, sliced lemon - 1 tsp, lemon zest, corn flakes - 1 cup.

Make fluffy cream with the butter with sugar and salt. Add egg and milk gradually while stirring the flour sifted with baking powder. Stir with a wooden spoon, stir in nuts, raisins, essence, zest. Shape balls of dough, roll them in lightly crushed cornflakes, arrange them in a pan with baking paper and bake for 7-8 minutes at 200 degrees in the oven.


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