Buffalo Milk

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Buffalo milk

Buffalo milk is a valuable product that has a high nutritional value and benefits. For this reason, many people prefer the consumption of buffalo milk to cow. For centuries, buffalo milk is served as food for many people in different parts of the world. Nowadays cow's milk is the undisputed leader among dairy products, but buffalo has many advantages, which why it is worth being on our table.

It is believed that buffalo milk is an exclusive organic product with a very high content of protein and milk fat. Buffalo milk has the most favorable ratio of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids to nonessential and essential fatty acids. Compared with eggs, which are provided as a great example of amino acid, buffalo milk is very high in it - as much as 85%.

In Europe, buffaloes developed since time immemorial - ince the 7th century. Buffaloes are very resistant to diseases to which other dairy animals are susceptible. There is no recorded case of a sick buffalo from "mad cow disease". One of the biggest advantages of buffalo milk is that it is highly resistant to radiation effects.

Composition of buffalo milk

In the fat of buffalo milk, there is a predominant amount of saturated fatty acids - 72.25 %, while unsaturated fats are about 27 %. This milk surpasses many not only plant foods but also animal ones, because it has a unique composition, nutritional value and medicinal properties.

Buffalo milk and yogurt

Compared with goat and cow milk, buffalo has a much higher content of some of the most important ingredients - solids 40%, 110% milk fat, 25% protein, 38% casein protein, a large amount of minerals and milk sugar.

Buffalo milk is whiter and thicker than cows, has less water content and twice as much fat. Protein in buffalo milk has a relatively high biological value because there is more globulins and albumin. In buffalo milk, there is Carotene /which is why it is white/ but the amount of vitamin A in it is equivalent to that of cow milk. It is also very rich in vitamin C, E and D.

Selection and storage of buffalo milk

In larger stores, buffalo yogurt can be found. Fresh buffalo milk is relatively difficult, but if you keep it like other milks. Yogurt is sold in buckets. You should check the label and expiration date. If you can not at once use it, close it well and store it in the fridge.

Buffalo milk in cooking

Buffalo milk can be used both for direct consumption in liquid and processed in the form of many different products. It may be used alone to make yogurt or cheese, but can be combined with other milks. Pure buffalo milk is an especially valuable product, and the density of the yogurt is simply unmatched.

One of the most popular applications of buffalo milk is to make mozzarella. Besides useful, mozzarella is one of the most delicious temptations offered by Italians. The classic mozzarella is made from black buffalos in southwestern and central Italy, mainly around Naples. Nowadays there are many variations of the cheese and it is most commonly made from cow's milk, but the original mozzarella is from buffalo.

Strained buffalo yogurt also has unparalleled taste. If you want to make a delicious treat, buffalo yoghurt does a great job. It takes just one cup of it, nuts and honey. Mix the products into bowls and the dessert is ready.

Buffalo mozzarella

Benefits of buffalo milk

Pure buffalo milk increases appetite and improves the metabolism in the body. Because of lactic acid bacteria in yogurt and other fermented milk products in buffalo milk that are accumulated in big quantities, they metabolites water consumption to reduce bad cholesterol, gasification and normalize the intestinal activity. Buffalo milk suppress putrefactive microorganisms, which is a prerequisite for good digestive health.

Buffalo milk prevents anemia, improves the immune system and the body obtains a large amount of valuable substances from it. It is believed that it has a favorable effect on the immune system.


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