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Tricks for preparing meat and potatoes

Nina NordNina Nord
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boiled potatoes

When preparing a meal, you should be aware that no matter how much heart we put into it, it needs another important ingredient - culinary tricks. They are passed from generation to generation, but not everybody knows them.

Did you know for example that if you have not removed the foam from the broth time and it has descended to the bottom, there is a way to set things right? It suffices for you to pour a cup of cold water in the broth and the foam will rise.

When making chicken broth, do not add spices to it, you can just drop onion and carrot into the boiling liquid. Anything else will kill the taste of the freshly cooked chicken.

When using bay leaf in a soup, remove it sooner, rather than later. While the soup boils, the bay leaf releases its fragrance, but then begins to make the taste of the soup bitter and then spoil it.

steak meal

Steaks will become tender if two hours before grilling or frying them, you marinade them with a mixture of vinegar and oil. Do the same with the meat for a barbecue, it will melt in your mouth. When frying meatballs, the first few minutes are very important.

The fire must be strongest precisely in the moment you put the patties down, so the meatballs are sealed and the juice stays in the meatballs and does not leak out. Then the fire must be reduced to a medium heat and then once again strengthened for half a minute.

If you want to give the dish more flavor, add a handful of mushrooms in it. To make a really fragrant dish, your mushrooms should be cut very deep. If you leave them on the heat for a long time, they will completely melt while eating.

Old potatoes are tastier if you boil them in water to which you add a teaspoon of vinegar, 3 cloves of garlic and a bay leaf. You can boil old potatoes in broth to give them a better taste.

The more old potatoes in the water, the more it should be boiled. If you are making mashed potatoes, never beat them with a mixer. It makes them really smooth, but they quickly lose their flavor. It is better to crush the potatoes by hand.

If you do not want your roasted meat to become too dry, place a metal dish with water in the oven. And to remove specific taste that occurs when frying fish, put a potato in the oil.