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The Wonderful Pomelo Fruit

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Do you know how beneficial to your health Pomelo can be? Amazingly useful!

Pomelo is a tropical fruit of the genus Citrus. The weight of the largest specimens of the fruit can reach 10 kg! It may have different shapes - pear-shaped or spherical shape with green or yellow peel and the flesh inside can be white, pink and yellow.

Different varieties differ in taste. Sometimes it's like an orange, a grapefruit. etc...

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It has many useful features and has a positive impact on the vitality and health of the person.

This tropical fruit contains large amounts of vitamins A, C and B, potassium, essential oils, lemonoids (group substances in citrus fruits). Potassium assists the cardiovascular system. Limonoids have anticancer properties. Vitamins give tone and essential oils boost the immune system.

Therefore, eating pomelo helps you get many benefits. This fruit is able to load our body with energy to make it more durable and improve your mood. Juicy pomelo quenches thirst.

Pomelo is useful in diets for weight loss. It suppresses hunger. Promotes absorption of proteins and body fat. Stabilizes blood pressure, helps with asthma and effectively fights atherosclerosis.

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This exotic fruit is an excellent means for preventing epidemics of viral diseases.

How to choose the best one in the store? The fruit should be slightly soft to the touch and with a strong flavor. Before it is cut, it can be stored for months in the refrigerator, if you have already cleaned it. Pomelo can be added to salads, especially fish and seafood and sauces with spices.

In China, it was known since before Christ. It is believed that this fruit is the savior of the Chinese people of all illnesses and absolute guarantee of good health. Even years ago when the epidemic of bird flu was rampant, pomelo tea is recommended as a counter. For New Year, the Chinese use it as a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

In Thailand, the fruit is also highly respected. Locals believe that if for 3 years you eat pomelo every single day, it will cure your asthma and tuberculosis. After five years did sweep can remove cancer.