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Why is it Unhealthy to Eat Desserts?

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Sweet food

Many people cannot imagine lunch or dinner without a delicious dessert at the end. During the day, they also eat desserts to satisfy their craving for sweets. Some even make an excuse, telling themselves that they eat sweets because they are nervous, not because they cannot live without them.

Eating desserts is unhealthy, unless they are made mostly from fruits and use very small amounts of sugar or healthy sugar substitutes, such as stevia and honey.

Sugar has a bad effect on the stomach. It causes fermentation processes that affect the overall condition of the body.

Fermentation not only causes swelling of the stomach, but can also be the cause of mood changes in a person and bring about causeless irritability.

Fermentation caused by excessive amounts of sugar, obtained by the consumption of desserts, can cause headaches. A sense of apathy and fatigue can also be caused by fermentation.

Dangers of sweets

To get rid of the headache, a person might reach for another dessert, thus causing an endless cycle. Overeating of desserts is caused by their seductive appearance.

Even when you have stuffed yourself, if a good looking dessert is served at the table, you are likely to want it very much. After eating too much dessert, bad breath and deposits on the tongue may occur the following morning.

The habit of not chewing desserts well enough also brings about many unpleasant processes that can lead to health problems. When the mouthfuls of dessert are swallowed directly, they do not come into contact with saliva and important enzymes in the oral cavity.

Carbohydrates go to the stomach unaltered, where the pancreas must deal with them. The pancreas then works double time, which is harmful to health.

Desserts made from oily creams and dough can be substituted with dried fruits, which have been dried without the use of sugar, as well as various fruit jellies and mousses made with sugar substitutes.