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Horse Sausage - Dietary Delicacy

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Spicy sausage

Horse meat is a delicacy, and although many people raise their eyebrows in surprise, the truth is that it is delicious when prepared properly. It has no fat, making it suitable for people who are trying to eat healthy. The meat of horses is suitable for all cooking purposes – it can be made into mince, steak and lukanka.

What is important is for the animal not to be old, even though there is no way to be sure if it is old or not when buying it. However, older horses have tough meat and cooking it is quite a feat.

The easiest thing to do is to make sausages from the meat. For this purpose, you do not need much preparation, but there are several things you need to follow to get a tasty sausage.

traditional Spicy sausage

Much like donkey meat, horse meat is quite dry, as already mentioned, and low on fat. That is why you should add other meat to the sausage to make it work. It should be more fatty, and lard should also be added.

If you do not put other types of meat or lard in, the sausages will not be delicious, they will be difficult to chew. Other types of meat can be pork - this is probably the best choice.

making Spicy sausages

In percentage ratios, things should look like this: horse meat at around 40%, the same amount of pork and the remaining 20 % - lard. Adding spices is the next step.

Best to add spices you normally add to other homemade blood sausage - cumin and black pepper in equal amounts. In fact, everything else is added as in sausages from other meats.

Do not assume that eating horse meat is something abominable, or that it is not very tasty - the horse is one of the cleanest animals.

It is quite expensive, compared to other meat, because it has the status of gourmet, but if you make horse sausages, you will see that they really are delicious. During cold winter days, they are most suitable with a not-so-cold glass of red wine and a loved one.