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How to Make Sugar Dough

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Sugar dough

Desserts are the favorite part of the menu for all children, and even for most adults. To prepare delicious homemade desserts, however, it is necessary to know how to make sugar dough. It is invaluable when you want to show off your culinary skills to your family or guests. We will offer you a quick and easy recipe for sugar dough.

You will need the following products: About 2 lb (1 kg) flour, 4/5 cup (200 g) sugar, 4/5 cup (200 ml) water, 1/5 cup (70 g) butter.


Preparation: First we have to heat the water in a suitable container. Once it boils, add the butter and stir gently until it fully dissolves. Then comes the point where you need to add the flour. This requires some precision, otherwise the flour might clump into balls.

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To prevent this, remove the boiling water with the melted butter from the heat and begin to pour the flour in it in a trickle. Once you have added half of the flour, you can return the dish to the stove and continue the procedure. Constantly stir the mixture with a wooden spoon throughout the entire time.

Continue doing this until the moment when the dough begins to thicken to the point where it starts to come off the sides of the container, while stirring. Then you can remove the container from the heat and move the dough to a cold container to cool. Then you'll have to knead it with your hands.

The cooled dough is kneaded with a bit of flour, while adding the sugar little by little, until at some point the dough absorbs the entire amount of sugar provided. You will get even better results if you use powdered sugar instead of crystallized.

And so, you have a sugar dough. You can use it to make all sorts of sweets, cookies, etc. If desired, you can paint it in different colors using harmless coloring, and flavor it with vanilla, liqueur or special flavorings for cakes.