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How to Store Sausages and Other Appetizers

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spiced sausages

Sausage can be stored over 4-5 months if the conditions for storage. The dried meat dishes are to be kept in a room with a minimum amount of moisture.

The cellar is suitable for storage of sausages, if it is clean enough, and sausages and must be in a place that can not be reached by rodents.

Storage of dried sausages

Each sausage is wrapped in parchment paper, but there must be a hole from which to reach delicate air. Appetizers must be protected from insects.

It is not advisable to wrap a dried meat delicacy tightly in paper, as it is likely to dry and become hard.

dried sides

Salami and sausages can be also stored in a clean closed container, which does not get any water.

Every two weeks is good to check the status of the delicacies and if it gets wet, they should be dried in time.

The refrigerator is also a good place to store dried meat specialties as well as delicious smoked meats. Each sausage, smoked sausage or a piece of meat wrapped in a piece of aluminum foil.

If dry, the sausage or pudding is covered with fine white mold, it's not scary - this mold is removed easily and quickly wiped. It does not change the taste or smell of appetizers. Pudding and sausages and stored in a freezer, wrapped well in plastic wrap.

In the freezer can also be stored smoked appetizers. When you want to prepare them for consumption, remove them and let them thaw at room temperature.

Do not defrost in microwave or over low heat in the oven, because the taste of the appetizers will change, as will their appearance.

Dried starters may be stored for some time in a wooden box, which is filled with ashes from burnt wood.

When it came time to eat the dried snacks, they are removed from the chest, wipe out the ashes, wipe with a cloth, peel and slice thinly.