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How to Make Ginger Tea

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ginger tea

Ginger is known for its taste and beneficial properties, that is why it is used as a spice in cooking. It is used both for the preparation of desserts and in the preparation of meals.

But ginger can also be made into palatable and healthy tea. Besides its characteristic taste and flavor, ginger has the ability to cure colds, to strengthen the immune system.

It is also used when you need to deal with bouts of nausea, as well as fight with stomach disorders. Ginger tea is good for sore throats, as well as menstrual cramps.

To make ginger tea, you need a piece of ginger root - about 3.5 oz (100 grams), 3 cups of boiling water, honey, lemon, mint, brown sugar, and if desired - cayenne pepper.

Fresh ginger root is covered with a thin membrane, it should not be cut, but gently scraped off. The membrane of the aged pieces of ginger root is stiff and needs to be trimmed.


The ginger is then cut into thin slices. The water is boiled and may be used in various ways for the preparation of the ginger tea.

One option is to pour boiling water over slices of ginger and then let them stay in it for 20 minutes. The slices can also be placed in a pot of boiling water and boiled for 10 minutes.

Another option is to put the pieces of ginger root in a special metal container for infusions, which is then put in a cup of boiling water.

When the tea is made in this manner, use only one third of the root. The glass is covered with a saucer and the ginger is left to stand for 15 minutes.

Ginger should not be left in the water for more than the time required because it will become way too bitter. The tea is drunk cold or hot, depending on preference.

Add honey mixed with a little sugar, a little lemon juice and mint leaves. If the purpose of the tea is to help you get over a cold, add cayenne pepper.

Ginger tea can be made with ginger powder if you do not have it fresh. For this, mix 1 teaspoon of honey with half a teaspoon of ground ginger and pour in 4/5 cup (200 ml) of boiling water. Cover with a saucer and leave for 15 minutes.

Ginger tea can be flavored with any other type of tea. In that case, prepare it by diluting the ready-made ginger tea with black or green tea.