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Filling Winter Soup

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Winter soup

Winter suggests that we eat more filling foods. Not accidentally the peak of pork is in the winter. But besides the well-known heavy meats and main dishes, we can enjoy soups. Their role is very important for the adequate nutrition - first sate us very well as long as you know how to prepare them.

Furthermore, they are warming after a hard and frosty day. Last but not least, they are the ideal warm appetizer for a nice drink. But what are the best soups for the winter?

Soup can be prepared from everything - can be only vegetables with egg and minced meat, or with chicken, pork, or beef.

Onion soup

A great filling soup is with mushrooms. You can add cream, which will give it more density, and make it more palatable. If you prefer, you may not add cream – it also becomes very tasty. To this soup has various recipes of various vegetables or without any other odors. Except mushrooms and onions, add chopped carrot, salt, pepper.

If you are not fond of mushrooms and soups made from them, you can make another recipe. Creamy potato soup is great for winter, because eating hot, it put croutons, and for the sake of potatoes is quite filling. Another tasty and filling soup is that of peas.

To make it, you need these products - peas, onion, carrot, garlic, dill, vegetable broth and spices. Products are boiled together, if you like, you can add a little milk if the soup is ready.

You can also prepare soup balls. If you want to try something different, do a borscht - it is a Russian soup, which needs a lot of products and is quite filling. We should not forget the pork and beef stew. Furthermore, we should mention brawn - it must be served hot.

potato cream soup

As in winter leeks are part of our menu, you can replace onions in any of the soups, but you can try something a little different:

Leek soup

Products Required: 3 leek stalks, 2 large carrots, 4 -5 potatoes, salt, parsley, flour and fat, oil

Preparation: Cut the leeks, carrots and potatoes into cubes. Put the ingredients in water to boil, when soft add the spices and parsley. Melt the butter and fry the flour - add it to the soup. Bring to a boil again and ten minutes turn off the heat.

If you have any meat, you can boil it in the soup - it will add flavor to the whole soup and make it more oily and suitable for winter.