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Suitable Seasoning for Green Beans

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Spices are an integral part of every meal. Their absence, and excessive use are always felt. Most odors are associated with certain dishes, but there is always an opportunity to experiment.

Stew of green beans is a dish that is very popular in some latitudes. Cooking is relatively easy and very tasty, especially if we can combine the products with the appropriate spices.

Green beans may be prepared as a salad. Undoubtedly, indispensable part of every meal and salad is salt - in moderation it is an indispensable spice for every good dish. Required to a dish of green beans is to add red pepper – there’s no stew, in which this spice should not go.

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Other appropriate aroma for green beans is dill – it adds a very special and appetizing aroma. If you do not like dill, you can add parsley - also almost mandatory addition to any dish. Know that parsley is placed at the end of the meal, when it is ready because there is no need for any heat treatment.

In some parts of the world, this dish gets mint - it quite an exotic taste, but tastes are different and it is likely that you will like it, especially if you love this spice and experiments.

Optionally, anyone can put garlic in - two flavors of green beans and garlic complement it very nicely and is suitable as a flavor. Do not put too much in, because it is quite aromatic and can capture the taste of the dish.

Some hosts think savory is especially suitable for stew of green beans, but you can put a small amount. Know that the spices should be careful with the amount because of the risk of many flavors is to not get something delicious. Instead of savory, add 2-3 pinches of thyme.