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If You Over- Salt a Dish...

Nina NordNina Nord
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The most common cooking spice is salt. But a properly salted dish is without an equal and at the same time, sufficient salt is an art. What is normal for one may not be to another too.

At the start of cooking, salt is placed in only two cases. When cooking macaroni, spaghetti and similar products, or when cooking fish soup or just fish. In all other cases the salt is added after boiling products.

Filling for pies and peppers and other vegetables need plenty of salt. It is believed that part of the salt is dissolved in the dough or in the vegetables. Legumes get added salt after preparation. If they are salted in the beginning, will cook to infinity.


The meat itself contains a high percentage of other salts, so it is not always necessary to add salt. Especially if it is roasted or grilled. Suffice it be flavored with other spices.

Fish should be emphasized salty, so salt thoroughly. The vegetables get added salt, but less than the fish. If you over- salt, you can not fix them unless you know some tricks. They will save the dish if you are too giving with the salt.

If over- salting meat, add butter sauce that will immediately withdraw the salt. This rapid effect is due to the fact that meat is too tightly fastened, and the salt is on the periphery of the piece, particularly if it is greater.

In fish, the salt penetrates deeper. This is due to the porous structure of the fish, and tenderness of fish meat. To fix a over- salt dish, you need to serve a lot of mashed potatoes, which have no added salt.

You can also stew small herbs with over- salted fish, they will pull some of the salt. If you over- salt vegetables, there is only one way to fix a dish. You have to mash them to a purée and add the same amount of vegetable puree without salt.

Over- salted mushrooms you can fix if you add a little water to which you add lemon juice. The same happens if you add a new batch of mushrooms. Over- salted soup, you can easily fix if you add noodles, rice or potatoes to it.

To flavor the soup to taste while cooking, scoop it with a spoon in the middle, not from the surface. Do not try hot soup, because you will not experience its taste, so blow it to cool in the spoon and then try.