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What to combine corn with?

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Corn can be combined perfectly with almost all dishes that are traditional and that most prepare. Goes with the taste of potatoes, rice or any kinds of vegetables. Naturally, it is a particularly suitable addition to legumes, although there can be a compromise, as long as it is to your liking.

You can safely combine corn with meat and will not go wrong if you add to the stuffing for chicken or turkey and baby corn.

During the spring and summer season when a special tribute at the table are green salads and lettuce, corn is a great addition. You can add tomato or leave it just a green salad with corn. Also mix with tuna, along with lettuce and corn.

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In cold weather, when the cabbage is still consumed fresh, you can also take advantage of the availability of corn - cut cabbage into thin sticks, grate carrot and add cucumber and corn. You will receive a delicious and refreshing salad that is actually suitable for any season and is great for an appetizer to brandy.

When cooking rice with vegetables, be sure to add the corn - this will make the colors of the dish more. As we know, not only taste is important, but also the way it looks. A yellow will complement the palette of green and red peppers, mushrooms (which produce brown), red tomatoes, orange carrots, black olives and more.

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Definitely maize is not a tool for weight loss, but in moderation and as a supplement, is not as fatal to the figure. You can add it to any salads and main dishes, even for baked dishes - with or without meat.

Since it satiates quickly, you do not need to add much to the particular dish. In some parts of the world, they add to corn and soups. This is used for salads, can be sprinkled on finish and on pizza.

Do not leave in the background the widely used in culinary terms in corn flour that is made into hominy. Corn can be consumed by itself - boiled and seasoned with a little salt or grated aromatic cheeses. It can be used for popcorn.