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Processing Meat from Wild Boar

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Wild Boar Meat

The meat of wild boar was food for humans since ancient times, long before the cultivation of domestic pigs. It is nutritious and very useful.

The meat of wild boar has a more pronounced flavor than that of the domestic pig, cooked, it reminds of pork with its beautiful pink color and its pleasant aroma.

But the preparation of meat from wild boar has its own peculiarities. It is recommended to prepare main meals. The meat of an adult male wild boar is quite tough and has an unpleasant smell, as opposed to the flesh of young boars.

Wild Boar Steak

To prepare the meat of wild pig for cooking, you should clean the skin from the bristles. Even if it is cleaned beforehand, hairs may have remained.

For this purpose, burn the skin with fire and then the other hairs are removed with tweezers. It is recommended to use the meat of young animals for cooking, which should not be soaked in brine to remove its unpleasant odor.

But if you use the meat of older animals, leave it to soak for 7-8 hours, and the best - one or two days in a 2-percent solution of vinegar and water. When cooking meat from wild boar, know that red and black pepper highlights the taste best, as do lemon juice and mustard.

Wild Boar Chops

The meat of wild boar contains antioxidants that stabilize blood sugar levels. It contains a lot of phosphorus and is very beneficial to the body because it is low calorie and contains a minimum quantity of cholesterol.

Delicious cutlets from wild boar, are cut from the middle part of the body, separating meat from the bone ribs. Received chops are beaten with a wooden or metal hammer to soften and become more flat, then treat with salt and fry.

Slices are shaped from the hindquarters, which are cut to boneless pieces. Shoulder is used for roasting a whole piece of meat.

Before baking, it is very good to rub the meat of wild boar with cloves of garlic, it gives it a nice flavor.