How to Salt Bacon

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Fat, which until recently was said to be harmful, contains many useful substances. One is arachidonic acid, which is important for cellular and hormonal activity.

Fat contains A, E and D vitamins. Salted bacon is delicious, especially in the winter when after a walk in the fresh air, we nibble thin slices that melt in your mouth.

There are many recipes for salty bacon and easiest is to be sprinkle bacon with salt, cram salt with your fingers, wrap in a piece of buttered paper and leave to cool.

When choosing a bacon for salting, buy high a quality product, as it will be made only by means of salt.

Fresh bacon is soft and supple, without bristles. Must be thin, soft, yellow-white. The bacon must be bright white or slightly pinkish.

salted bacon

If you press the fresh fat with a finger, it will remain hollow and pressing the old bacon, the depression will disappear immediately.

Once salted, cut a small piece of it, store it in the refrigerator, store the rest in the freezer, wrapped in oiled paper and then in cellophane.

To salt bacon, one kilogram of fat is washed well with cold water and dry. The piece is placed in a glass or enameled pot. It’s rubbed with various spices to taste - this could be bay leaf, garlic, black or white pepper and even some exotic spices.

In a separate dish, boil a half liter of water and in it dissolve 1 cup packed salt. Cool and pour over the bacon. Allow to stand two days at room temperature and collect it in the refrigerator for 4 days. Thus prepared, it can be stored directly in brine.

Dry salting method also makes delicious bacon. Fat is not washed with water and scraped from all sides well with a sharp knife.

The piece is rubbed with salt on all sides. Should not worry about pressing the bacon - if salt is too much, it just will not take it.

Similarly pre-cubed bacon can be salted. Then each cube is salted. After salting, the fat is rubbed with pepper and paprika and chopped garlic.

Prepared in this way, the bacon is rolled in oiled paper and left in the freezer. After a week, it can be consumed.