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Suitable Seasoning for Pork

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Pork is common in our kitchen. To get a tasty meal, no matter what is prepared, you need to have the desire and possibly a little knowledge. Cooking pork is not much of a difficulty.

There are, of course, those dishes that require more time, products, and somewhat more experience in the kitchen, but are not that much more complicated.

In cooking there are steps that most hosts follow strictly to obtain the desired dish. One of these steps are spices. If you put the wrong one, the smell of meal may not be tasty, turn bitter, etc.


Of course, you can always experiment with different scents to find out what best suits you, but if you want to be sure that you put the spices are perfectly suited for pork, use the following scents:

- Black pepper - a spice that is very suitable for many types of meats. Pork is suited if preparing roasted meat, cooked pork. The most commonly used of the grains.

- Bay leaf - a very good flavor, especially for roast pork. Do not put more than 1-2 pieces in soups, otherwise the soup will be bitter.

- Allspice - not a very common spice, perhaps because of its strong and characteristic odor. Use if you do soups and roasts. Suitable for making shank.


- Garlic - like it or not, in the heavy meats such as pork, garlic is the perfect condiment. You can use it for stew, tripe, etc.

- Coriander - If you have not tried it before, apply a small amount to see if you like it as a fragrance;

- Ginger – for a milder flavor use dried because fresh Ginger features a richer taste.

- Celery - very useful spice that perfectly complements the taste of pork, especially if you decide to cook with potatoes.

- Paprika - it offers a slightly sweet flavor that complements the meat and due to it not being felt so strongly in pork fat;

- You can add spices such as nutmeg, parsley (for making stew), cumin, savory, but they are as used as the above flavors.