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How to Store Olive Oil and Sunflower Oil

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Oil is stored for a long time thanks to its factory packaging. It comes with a sealed lid and thereby can maintain its quality for two years.

Bottles of cooking oil should be stored in a dark cool place. Better store oil that is enclosed in glass rather than plastic bottles.

To preserve oil in an opened bottle, it is recommended that it is stored in the refrigerator. Thus, the oil retains its useful properties about one month.


Open bottle can be stored at room temperature, but it is good to be in the dark as the direct effects of the sun will spoil the product very quickly.

The old way of storing oil provides overflow in a glass bottle, preferably dark glass. At the bottom of the bottle are placed a few raw beans and add a teaspoon of salt.

Olive oil is best stored in a warm, shady place, so it is not recommended for it to be left in the fridge. The best place to store olive oil is a kitchen cabinet that protects it from the effects of the sun.

While under the influence of the sun, olive oil quickly loses its beneficial properties, so do not leave it on the kitchen table.

olive oil

You can easily check the quality of olive oil and put it in a freezing compartment. High-quality olive oil begins to crystallize at seven degrees below zero.

It is recommended to buy olive oil, which is produced not more than nine months ago, because after that time, the olive oil gradually begins to lose its beneficial properties, flavor and aroma.

Olive oil is kept at a temperature no higher than 20 degrees. If stored in a warm place, olive oil becomes bitter. If you store it in the refrigerator, at the bottom of the bottle starts to form a muddy sediment with whitish flakes.

Categorically avoid the freezing of oil as after thawing, it will lose its flavor and taste, and its beneficial properties.

Olive oil is best stored in amber glass bottles, the distance between the oil and the cap should not be big. Otherwise, the air above the oil will oxidize.

Once the bottle has been opened by the oil, it is advisable to use it in no more than a month.



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