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Etiquette for Serving and Consuming Red Wine

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Wine etiquette

There is nothing more relaxing than a glass of red wine and a good book in the other hand after a long, hard day. You will relax wonderfully, if only for two hours, and you will probably forget about your regular business problems.

But to achieve full enjoyment of the wine, it is good to know what the label of the red wine for consumption is. Knowing how and how much to put in the glass, what is its temperature and how to pour it are all important factors.

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All this will give us the opportunity to experience the full pleasure of the wine and feel each scent that is embedded in it.

Red wine has a lot of varieties, most of which have their own rules - in which cups they can be served and at what temperature they are.

It is also how mature the selected wine is, especially as regards decanting, and what its appearance was. But now look at the general rules of serving and eating it:

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1. Serving temperature - red wines in general terms are divided into lighter and more compact types. It is also important - a light wine must be at a lower temperature. Most preferably, make it at about 12-14 degrees. If you eat solid heavier wines, the temperature of the drink should be between 16 and 18 degrees.

2. In what glass to serve wine - the best choice is for a cup for red wine to be thin and smooth, without the engravings, as with the white wine. The capacity should be about 100 ml, and when filling - put wine in only half of the cup. The stem is standard - between 4 and 5 cm, the glass’ shape is more rounded than that of white wines.

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3. How to serve wine properly - the wine must be opened earlier, to be able to breathe better. The cup must be inserted from the right side of the cup of water.

4. How to hold a glass – you must hold it by the stem.

5. What food is suitable for consumption of red wine - eat heavy meats, less fat, red wine is a good solution for these meals. Merlot wine is suitable for beef, for filling and fatty foods, and dry snacks, fits well with blue cheese.

Cabernet is a red wine that is more suitable for paultry, fatty steaks, mushrooms and dried appetizers. In recent times, they use a combination of both - merlot and cabernet - very nice wine with excellent taste and density.