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Turkish Breakfast Ideas

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A varied, nutritious and useful Turkish breakfast is a great way start to the day. A typical Turkish breakfast is a piece of cheese, a little honey or jam, served in a bowl, and cup with green and black olives.

The table should also have some kind of sausage, boiled or fried egg, a piece of cow butter, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes. The breakfast table must have water and fresh bread known as ekmek. This is a typical Turkish bread that is delicious.

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Alternatively, Turkish breakfast sausages are served with hard cheese, bread stuffed with cheese with green spices, various juices, and when the season of melons comes, the table must have some slices of them. Melons may be served and diced to facilitate their consumption.

In Turkey, breakfast is a special meal that should not be missed. It is called kahvalti and literally translates as food that is eaten before coffee.

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Old Turkish tradition dictates that you drink a cup Turkish coffee after breakfast. Water is served with a cup of coffee. During breakfast, you can drink scented tea. The tea is brewed in a teapot on two levels and is drunk in small cups.

A traditional Turkish breakfast is very long and easily transformed into lunch. Plenty of different kinds of food will not leave anyone indifferent to the available products.

Products typical of the traditional Turkish breakfast involve enough food, but at the same time, does not burden the stomach, as it is heavy and easily absorbed.

Turkish breakfast is recommended by many nutritionists as it gives a good start to the day, and by noon, the body is full of energy.

Option Turkish breakfast eggs are replaced with Turkish omelet. Ingredients: 2 eggs, 1 tomato, 1 red pepper, 1 tablespoon oil, pepper and salt to taste.

The tomato is cut into small pieces, mixed with eggs and chopped pepper. Fry the omelet in hot oil and season with salt and pepper.