Vitamin B17

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Vitamin B17

Vitamin B17 was first discovered in the seeds of almonds, and later found to be contained in many fruits. For years this substance was considered a vitamin and attributed to the vitamin B group, number 17.

Modern studies have shown, however, that it actually belongs to the class of vitamin-like compounds. Naturally, this fact does not diminish or reduce the amount of health benefits it has.

Vitamin B17 is also known under the name amygdalin. It is made of two sugar molecules - one being cyanide, and the other benzaldehyde.

Benefits of vitamin B17


It is believed that the cyanide component contained in vitamin B17 damages and destroys cancer cells. Many experts believe that this vitamin is key in the fight against the insidious disease. Several studies confirm that vitamin B17 is extremely effective against cancers.

The purified form of vitamin B17 is known as laetril, it is applied by injection or orally in treatments. For the moment, this substance is banned in the U.S. because of the need for additional studies to confirm its efficacy.

It is proven fact, however, that cancer is practically an unknown disease to ethnicities who eat foods rich in vitamin B17.

Examples are the people of Hunza valley, on the border between Pakistan and India, where the apricot and its pits are an integral part of their diet.

Apricot nuts

Every year, with the budding of the apricot trees, they cease to consume food and the only thing they take in is a special drink made from water and dried apricots.

According to Dr. Ernst Krebs, Jr. (a biochemist from San Francisco) cancer is not caused by unknown bacteria, toxins or viruses, but is rather a vitamin deficiency disease caused by a lack of valuable nutrients in the diet of modern man.

Back in the 50s of the last century, he found that vitamin B17 is harmless to humans. He even injected it in animals and on himself, without being poisoned. Krebs died in 1996 at 85 years of age.

Other benefits attributable to vitamin B17 include reducing arthritic pain, reducing blood pressure and increasing functioning of the body.

Sources of vitamin B17


The highest concentration of vitamin B17 is contained in the seeds of apricots, sour cherries, bitter almonds and peaches.

Other sources of the valuable substance are cashews, pits of plums, sugar cane, quince, cabbage, the seeds of apples, raspberries, blackberries, millet, barley, brown rice.

Sprouted legumes, such as lentils and alfalfa are also excellent sources of vitamin B17. It is believed that several apricot kernels provide a good amount of amygdalin.

Dangers of vitamin B17

It is necessary to pay close attention when consuming apricot kernels, because in large quantities, they may be toxic and hazardous.

It is believed that the content of amygdalin in 50 apricot kernels is extremely harmful to human health. Amygdalin’s lethal dose is 1 gram and can be found in about 100 kernels.


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