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How to Safeguard Black Pepper and Paprika

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Black pepper

A pinch of paprika or black pepper is used in a wide variety of the dishes we cook. Black pepper can be sold ground or in the form of peppercorns, while paprika can be sweet or spicy.

Usually we might store these 2 spices in paper packets or glass containers. Often however, small bugs and flies tend to take up residence in these types of vessels.

These unpleasant insects not only make the spices unfit for use, but also get in most of the other spices in the cabinets.

Insects usually "attack" sweet paprika. You can save your spices from them using cloves of garlic. In your spice jar, add an unpeeled garlic clove and your problem is solved. You can also try to do the same with beans, rice and lentils.


The smell of garlic will not allow for any spreading of flies or any other bug in your spices.

You might be thinking that the garlic will infuse its aroma into the products, but fear not - it will only carry out its intended purpose.

Another way to safeguard your paprika is to mix it with a small amount of salt in the container that you are keeping it in - this will stop all kinds of nasties from hanging out near the spice.


Now that we know how to safeguard paprika, let us move on to safeguarding black pepper. You can choose either milled or peppercorns. It is believed that it is best to buy black pepper peppercorns and to mill it ourselves before using it in a dish.

In this way, the flavor of the spice will be much stronger, and furthermore - sometimes there are additives in the packets of ground black pepper.

When in the form of peppercorns, black pepper is able to keep its flavor for a much longer period of time.

You can use it in many dishes. It is imperative that freshly ground black pepper be added toward the end of cooking so that it doesn't lose its qualities and aroma.