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Decorating the Holiday Table

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Not only must you make every possible appetizer, salad and delicious dish for the holiday table, but you must also present them beautifully.

It is actually easy to create a magical festive atmosphere, it takes minimal effort. And all your guests will be mesmerized by that which you will surprise them with.

Some of the most suitable colors for kitchen table covers are red, green and white with golden or silver highlights. Or you can forget about traditional styles and go with a modern purple colored table cover.

From there on out, everything depends on your imagination. Roll up the napkins into delightful roses, arrange Christmas tree branches by the plates, put new covers on the chairs.


You can make special holiday "costumes" for the utensils on the table. In 1 hour, you can sew up simple pockets for your knives and forks that match the table cover.

Choose a shape - a Christmas tree, ball or snowman. Cut out 2 identical shapes from a thick cloth and sew them together, leaving a hole on the top for the knife and fork. If you have time, you can even decorate it with an inlay or embroidery.

If you are a master of the art of sewing, you can easily crochet miniature scarves, depending on the number of guests, and tie the knife and fork together with them beautifully.

In order to have everything in the same style on the table, you can make the same scarves for your bottles of wine. And, if you're feeling creative, you can even make small hats for them.

If all of this seems like a lot of work, simply tie the utensils with a wonderful ribbon. You can also attach small pine branches to it.