How to Thicken Soup

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Cooking is a process which requires attention, especially if we're cooking something for the first time or are making a special dish. Generally, it is difficult to decide which dishes are the hardest to make, since it's different for every homemaker. When it comes to soup however, there are some intricacies which can challenge a novice homemaker.

Normally with soup, there are 2 problems which can arise - either you have made it way too thick or too runny. The good news is, there is a solution to both problems. If the soup is too thick, simply pour in more broth and let it boil. There is nothing complex about it - the only issue is that its quantity will increase, but then, it's not the end of the world.

If your soup has turned out runny, here are several ways to thicken it:

Vegetable soup

- You can make a thickening agent for it - not only will it thicken, it will become tastier. To do this, use an egg and a little lemon juice - 2 - 3 drops.

Whisk, and once the soup is no longer boiling, begin to scoop some of it into the bowl with the whisked egg, while stirring constantly. Then pour this into the pot. You can also make a thickening agent with yoghurt (or milk) and an egg; some cooks even use a spoonful of flour to make the soup even thicker.

Soup with fish

There are variations where only the yolk of the egg is used, which is in fact the professional way to thicken soup. If you would like to use the so-called boiled thickening agent, whisk the yoghurt, egg, some flour in an appropriate container, pour in a few ladles of soup broth and place the container on the stove. Stir constantly and once thickened, add it to the soup in a thin trickle.

- Some homemakers use starch - dilute 1-2 tbsp of starch in a little cold water and add it to the still simmering soup. You can also use flour. Just be careful not to get lumps after stirring it.

- An easy way to thicken is to add instant soup, diluted with a little water - no more than 3 tbsp. Keep in mind that instant soups are quite salty.

- Along with chopped vegetables, you can throw in a few whole ones - such as a potato or carrot. Then, after boiling, take them out and crush them and return them back to the soup.