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Cooking the Holiday Leftovers

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After the Christmas and New Year's celebrations there is more leftover food than we know what to do with. Eating the same thing every day would hardly be enjoyable - here we will offer you something different to make with the leftovers from the holidays.

The first recipe includes within it leftovers of sausages, appetizers, olives, etc. In order to make it delicious, it is good to add some kinds of vegetables - if you have some mushrooms, onions and even parsley for color.

Cut up the sausages and place them in a pot with water - let them boil for about 15 min, then throw in the vegetables that you have. After 10 min, pour this improvised soup into bowls, add olives, as well as shredded cheese or feta cheese.

Our next proposal includes the French fry leftovers from the day before. Actually, even though they have stayed out for a bit they are plenty tasty, but let us add a little variety. Place the French fries in an appropriate tray and cut up some pickles, olives and sausages on top. You can also add in the leftovers of the holiday chicken or turkey; it is a good idea to tear them into pieces beforehand.

Cream soup

If you have some sweet canned corn, put some of it in as well. Season with salt, black pepper and some thyme. Stir well and at the very end, before baking, pour over with some fried flour that has been mixed with milk. Add some shredded cheese to make it even more tasty. Bake until the topping reddens.

From the bread, that has surely dried up by now, you can make flavorful croutons with your favorite spices and a little olive oil, that you can snack on in front of the TV. Of course, you can also add them to a cream soup if you have any desire left to cook.

And since fruits during the holidays are also quite numerous, cut them into bites and pour a little maple syrup and lemon essence over them to avoid spoiling. For an even better effect - pour some rum over them and flame. In this way, those boring old fruits will turn into a wonderful fruit salad. You can substitute the rum with a little strained yoghurt.

If there is a restaurant such as the one owned by the Austrian designer Vera Wiedermann in the area where you live, you could make use of it. In her restaurant in Vienna, you can take your leftovers from the night before to it - there they will calculate the energy value of the food that you have brought and allow you to exchange it for a fresh plate of the same value. The leftovers from the restaurant are stored and later used to make biofuels.