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Ideas for Vegetable Jams

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Chili pepper jam

Even though a vegetable jam might seem too exotic for some, the truth is, there are remarkable recipes for vegetable jams and confitures, which are a suitable side to toasted bread or pancakes in the morning.

Have you ever heard of a jam made of onions or carrots or even chili peppers? Let us offer you 3 recipes for vegetable jams. Tomatoes, because of their nature, fall into the category of fruits, or even more precisely, fruit vegetables.

Jam from red peppers


Ingredients: 1 lb red peppers, 1/2 cup wine vinegar, 1 cup sugar, 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp black pepper, bay leaf, savory.

Preparation: First, wash the peppers and remove the seeds and handles. Then cut them into strips and place in a suitable pot. Add the rest of the ingredients to them and put on the stove. Let it come to a boil and reduce the heat - remove from the stove after half an hour and distribute into jars, then seal them.

It's a good idea to remove the bay leaf before sealing the jars. If you love spices, you can experiment - instead of savory, add your favorite spice.

Tomato jam

Our next 2 proposals are for jams with tomatoes - red and green ones, respectively. It may sound strange, but they are yummy and an ideal addition to pancakes.

Red tomato jam

Ingredients: 6.5 lbs of tomatoes, 2 lb sugar, vanilla, 1 pack of Turkish delight, 1 tsp citric acid, 5 small onion heads.

Green tomato jam

Preparation: First, wash the tomatoes and grate them. Then put them on the stove and once they come to a boil, let them thicken a little bit. Add the sugar, onions and Turkish delight, which you have cut into pieces. Then stir to dissolve the sugar and add the citric acid and vanilla at the end, before removing from the stove. Distribute into jars, while the mixture is still hot.

Green tomato jam

Ingredients: 2 lb green tomatoes, 2 lb sugar, 1 lemon, 1-2 vanilla packets.

Preparation: Parboil the green tomatoes, that have been cut into large pieces, then mix them with the sugar and diced lemon. Let them sit overnight. The next day, boil them until they begin to thicken. Pour a drop of the syrup in a plate - if the drop remains whole and does not run, it means it's ready.

Add the vanilla 3 to 5 min. before turning off the stove. Pour into dry and warmed jars, turn them over with the cap down and let them cool. Put away in a cool and dark place - in a closet or cellar, and once winter time comes around, you will have another option for your Sunday pancakes.