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Dietetic Menu for the Modern Woman

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Nowadays, a woman must constantly prove herself - in her work, among friends, in her family and even while she's walking down the street in the crowd, looking good, smiling and radiating will and positivism.

Along with numerous other conditions, proper and healthy eating is the most important factor, which fuels the body with everything that it needs, in order for it to work at its best and not to become overwhelmed.

For the modern woman, who is a wife, mother, homemaker and career professional at the same time, it is often difficult for her to think about her dietetic menu in the hectic everyday routine. Here are a few tips you can follow when you are unable to follow a strict diet in a home setting, and are forced to eat out.

In addition, springtime and good weather often tempt us to eat at a restaurant with a summer garden, rather than staying at home.

Here are some rules, before you order off the main menu:

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- While looking at the dishes, order a cup of water instead of an alcoholic drink or soft drink;

- Ask the waiter to bring you all the dressings and sauces separately, so that you can decide yourself what and how much to put;

- Do not focus on the size of the meal, instead look to the culinary qualities of your chosen dish;

- Forget about fried foods, instead order grilled;


- The delicious warm bread, which is served prior to ordering, must not tempt you with its appetizing appearance;

- Try not to combine rice, bread and potatoes with other ingredients, because they belong to the group of fast carbs, which are most often responsible for unnecessary weight gain.

- In case you prefer to eat Italian with friends at lunch, it is most recommended to completely forget about spaghetti, pasta and pizzas and to focus your attention on seafood or fish. If you cannot live without spaghetti, choose a light tomato sauce instead of cream or flavorful cheeses.

You can eat pizza, if it is thin and covered with vegetables, some ham and a "casual" amount of cheese. Even though not particularly pleasant, but you must also forget about the fine Italian dessert tiramisu.

- Chinese cuisine, which is loved by many, conceals many threats to a thin figure, but these can be circumvented as well. Almost everything in these types of Asian dishes is fried with a lot of oil. Your options are to either ask for your rice to be cooked with minimal amounts of oil, or to order vegetable dishes, which contain less triglycerides.

Combine traditional meals with plain steamed rice instead of having it fried with vegetables and eggs. The ever so delightful spring rolls are not recommended as an appetizer - better to choose sweet and sour soup. Take a look at the steamed dishes and pick something appetizing from them.