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2 Fistfuls of Food are Enough for the Body

Nina NordNina Nord
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The most common mistake that people make when trying to lose weight is that they focus on only one weight loss method. If it's a diet - it borders anorexia, if it's exercise, it's to complete exhaustion.

If it's remedies, it's everything at once - cream, pills, tea... Some result is reached but the person's health is completely devastated, even if there are no immediate telltale signs on the outside.

Weight loss often leads to stress and depression. Weight-loss experts recommend using a combination approach in the battle of the bulge.

First off, change the way you eat. No matter how much food your body takes in, it will only use as much of it for energy as it needs. The rest is turned into fat.

If all of the food was processed right away by the body, it would simply explode like a bomb. Nature has taken care of energy storage, by creating a layer of fat under the skin.

Weight loss

Put both of your fists together - you will get the size of the stomach of an average person. That is exactly how much food you need in order to supply your body with its required amounts, and a little extra for storage.

Begin making changes by not stuffing yourself but simply satisfying your hunger. The main problem lies in the fact that the feeling of satiety comes 15 min. after you are actually full.

Therefore, learn to eat only 2 fistfuls of food. Get active more often and for longer periods. But do not overwhelm your body with hardcore exercises for hours on end in the gym.

Such workouts use up a lot of energy, but stimulate the processes of the fat storage even more actively. As a result, you get a ravenous hunger, while you know that you must not eat too much.

Then you get a psychological discomfort. Half an hour of running, swimming in the pool, but no more than an hour, or 40 min. of physical exercises are enough to activate your body.

Whenever you work out, do it systematically. Do not stop for the entire 30 min. period.

During the first 15 min, your muscles actively use glucose contained in the blood. Only after you begin to feel warm is your body giving you a signal that it's burning fat.