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How to Easily Make Orange Marmalade

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Orange marmalade

Oranges are not just a winter fruit. Even though we are no longer in the winter season, why not prepare a marmalade or jam from oranges, if you have not done so this winter? Unbelievably delicious, orange marmalade is perfect for breakfast.

You should know that certain varieties of oranges, such as Seville oranges, have a bitter taste but also a high content of pectin. This is the natural thickening agent of jams and jellies, which is why this variety of oranges is perfect for making jams.

Of course, this doesn't mean that marmalade can't be made from other more common varieties of oranges, found in supermarkets. If you do find the rarer varieties, know that they can be stored in the refrigerator for a few weeks or be frozen for about half a year.

To increase the levels of pectin in marmalade made from regular oranges, add the juice of 1 lemon to every 2 cups (500 g) orange juice. Lemons are also citruses rich in pectin.

Do not try to make too much marmalade at the same time. The mixture of fruits and sugar must not fill more than 1/3 of the container in which it will boil. This is because during preparation, the mixture increases in volume and may boil over.

Orange jam

It is important for the mixture to boil vigorously to produce a delicious orange marmalade. When making it at home, it is quite difficult to deal with large quantities, so do not double the amount of ingredients specified in the recipe.

If you have too many fruits, make a few smaller portions, instead of one large. The greater the quantity, the longer boiling time required, which leads to the loss of flavor.

Use regular granulated sugar for the marmalade. The larger the sugar granules, the less foam will form during boiling and the clearer the marmalade will become.

And here is one scrumptious recipe for orange marmalade.